This blog is linked to the Goldsmiths, University of London History module, ‘Walking Through London’s History’.

Posts made on this blog have been produced by students taking the module as part of their formative and summative coursework.

Please feel free to comment (constructively) upon these posts as responding to comments is part of the learning process.

The module, quite literally, follows in the footsteps of those who walked London throughout modern history. It examines the history of urban walking in London as a means of understanding and interpreting the city. However, it also engages with how walking modern London might serve as a methodology for studying, exploring and understanding the past.

The module engages with themes including urban pedestrianism, social investigation, the uses of public space, the idea of the ‘flaneur’ and ‘Flaneuse’, situationist ideas about everyday life and psychogeography, creative responses to cartography, and what it means to connect with a city on a personal level. The timeframe for the module stretches from early modern London through to the present day and includes high degree of interdisciplinarity and interactivity.